Oakland Whole Foods Security Guard Pepper Sprays Photo Journalist Adam Turner, then Calls Him “Fucking Nigger!”

On July, 17, 2017, at 20:15 a incident occurred with a on duty whole foods security guard.

The Incident was brought on when a WMA, 5’10, 170 brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue plaid, button down shirt with blue jeans approached the outdoor seating area where customers sit to eat at the, 230 Bay Place in Oakland. After having purchased products from the open buffet style bar, I proceeded to the seating area to consume the products purchased. After completing the transaction. I walked out of the store to find a seat. I sit at a table on the second left table from the center doors close to the sidewalk.

While eating in the seated area, a white male Individual approached the area where I was eating from the sidewalk side. The Individual asks, “which way is University avenue ?” Individual appeared to be disoriented. I provide directions to Telegraph street which would get him on the path to University. The Individual walked towards Harrison street, stops. Then turns around and asks if I had any water? I had finished half of the lemon tea purchased and offered it to the Individual. I say to the Individual, “Your family loves you, find your way home. They miss you.” A additional female overheard heard me say to the Individual, “Your family loves you. Find your way home,” and offers him some water after the Individual had already taken the lemon tea from me. Individual takes the water in a water cup, the grocery chain offers to customer’s from it’s self serve water dispensary in the cafe area. The Individual continues toward Harrison street and stands on the corner.

Upon finishing my meal, I discarded the recyclable containers and walked toward Harrison street with my bike. I assess the situation and notice the Individual does not have any shoes on and has a black eye with a laceration on his forehead. I notice the Individual appears to be unbalanced. His speech is slurred and mildly incoherent. I say to Individual, “Can I call someone for you?,.” Individual was delayed in responding and I had to ask the Individual in several different ways, can I call someone for you? Individual hesitates and says, “he’s paranoid”. I say, “I understand and can see what state of awareness you are in. I’m trying to help you. Can I call someone for you?” Individual begins to unbutton his shirt revealing flesh. I tell him to button his shirt, security is coming. A Whole Foods security guard approaches the area where the situation is unfolding on the corner and is in close enough to hear the conversation unfolding with Individual. When the Individual noticed the security guard, he became visibly shaken and stepped two steps away from the security guard.

Security guard is a WMA 5’7 160, wearing tan cargo pants, black polo shirt with embroidered insignia of security company and a black ball cap with a translucent earpiece in his right ear, he’s standing in a pensive position facing the street looking toward 7–11 store, waiting for the light to change.

I tell the Individual he has 30 seconds to give me a number to call for his loved one to come and meet him at Whole Foods, or I am leaving. Security guard is to my right, Individual in front of me. My cell phone is stretched out ready to dial the numbers. The Individual ponders and provides the number (650)267–9216. The number returns and is not in service. I turn to the security guard and ask if he has the number to crisis intervention or crisis response? He’s waiting for the light to change to escort employees to the employee parking lot. He looks at me and says,” No. I have 911. He doesn’t want help. I offered him water, he didn’t take it. I used to be homeless myself.” I say to security guard, “he ought to have the crisis intervention and crisis response numbers on speed dial to not waste the cops time. You must not have good situational awareness training, get more training.” Security responded with a “Fuck you.”

The Individual does not respond to the offer make a call to a friend or loved one. I mount my bike and ride across the street toward 7–11 where the security guard and group of whole foods employees are standing to cross Harrison street. I stop with my bike at the group and say, “Use that language when using your radio, it would be nice to transcribe that audio with a FCC Communications FOIA public data request.”

In his left hand is something clasped. In that moment he deploys a chemical agent onto my facial area and a burning sensation immediately impairs my vision. “I hear the words, “How do you like that Fucking Nigger!” the employees respond as if they could not believe what has happened.

I rush to the 7–11 and ask the employees for water to flush and cool the burning sensation in my eyes. I place my ID, Press credential with money on the counter in plain view of surveillance cameras, at the location which is a hotspot for activity. The two employees in the 7–11 then gave me three cups of water to flush the chemical agent causing the burning sensation out of my eyes. After the burning sensation subsides, I call the OPD non emergency number to have a OPD unit respond to the scene[request dispatch data audio for transcript]20:54, incident #1044. I terminate the call with the OPD dispatcher and invoke a call to the Whole Foods Telephony system, where I reach a worker at the customer service desk and request the Manager on duty’s name be provided as Dan Wedgwood, who is the shift leader.

While waiting for OPD units to arrive on the scene, a second wave of employees were escorted by a BMA, 5’8, 160, short brown hair wearing a black security jacket, and brown cargo pants. I reposition myself to observe the pattern unfolding. I noticed security guard 2, use alternative route to proceed back into the whole foods store.

In further observation while waiting for OPD unit, I observe security guard 1 who deployed chemical agent looking to see if I was still in the proximity, though the large windows at the front of the store.

I waited at the location for OPD Units to arrive for more then one hour. I proceed to my residence where I make a call back to the OPD’s non-emergency number to follow up with the first call to get a incident number. At 22:19, Sup S-5 provides me with information stating that 1044 is still pending in the queue. I request S-5 place the incident on a hold status until store management can be contacted to have the store manager write a report on this incident.

Photo taken on Monday at 7:58 PM prior to entering the Whole Foods store on 230 Bay Place in Oakland.

Photo sitting in the seated area in front of the Whole Foods store on 230 Bay Place in Oakland California.

Photograph taken after having flushed out unknown chemical substance deployed by Whole Foods security. With the assistance from employees at 7–11 store.

On Friday, July 21, 200 at approximately 4:30, i entered into the whole foods store on 230 Bay Place in Oakland to talk with a manager about the incident with the security guard on Monday July 17, 2017. As i approach the customer service desk, i ask the clerk to please get a manager. While standing at the customer service counter waiting for a manager. The security guard in question approached the customer services counter wanting to know what i was doing. When the clerk told the security guard i and asked to talk with a manager, the security guard walked toward the window at the front, when he passed me he said “you started it”, and proceeded to look out the window. I responded to the security guard’s comments with “call 911”, as he said he does when there is a situation and he is not assaulting someone. At this point i take several photos of the security guard for my records to include with a article to be published in the next issue of the movement newspaper.

Luke Dumonthier who is a assistant manager in training at whole foods in training approached the customer service desk. I introduce myself and shake his hand and proceeded to discuss with him the incident which occurred on Monday. Mr. Dumonthier provided me with information in the form of a business card of the store manager and the business card of the CEO of the security company. While discussing the matter the security guard proceeded to take photos of me with his cell phone. I waived at him to make it known i see hime taking photos. I proceed to the buffet style bar to purchase some food, waited in line to complete my payment transaction and proceeded to the same seat i was sitting in when the man who was lost asked me for directions. Upon completing my meal, i made my way to 455 Seventh street to have my statement recorded and a report taken.

I arrive at the Oakland Police Department’s Administration building at 455 Seventh Street. Entering the doors on seventh street, i walked yo the kiosk, where another person was being waited on. When the individual at the window of this kiosk, had compleared his business. I approached the window and cited my situation to the officer. I was told by a officer

i need to call the non emergency number and dispatch will pick up. I was handed a blue card with a list of the intra-department telephone numbers. The officer circled the number for dispatch and told me i would need to contact dispatch and the dispatcher will dispatch a officer to take a report.

The non emergency number was called and it took fifteen minutes before a dispatcher answered the call. When the dispatcher answered the call i told her the situation and provided my telephone number for the responding officer to use and to contact me when enroute to the administration building to take my statement. Friday night, i never received a call from any ODP officer notifying me of their location and intent to take a report. Saturday, July 22, 2017. No OPD officer has contacted me to take my report. No call was made to dispatch. Sunday, July 23, 2017. With Complications from the incident, i was admitted to the emergency department at Alta bates hospital at 11:15 am with complications stemming from ocular conjunctivitis. During the admittance in the emergency department, no OPD officer has made contact with me regarding taking a report about the incident. I was discharged from the emergency department with prescriptions and medications to treat inflammation in my cornea and a solution to reduce the swelling of the membrane of my eye.

Monday, July 24, 2017. 10:57am, i placed a call to OPD’s non emergency number. Dispatcher #9 takes my call. I state to her my situation and that i’ve been waiting since Friday evening for a officer to take a report regarding my incident, which is logged on 8/17 , call number #1044. The call was transferred to training dispatcher #56. I had to recite the situation again about no officer responding in a reasonable amount of time to take a report regarding my situation. The dispatcher stated her name was Tina and that the office who covers Beat 14, is on a home burglary call. I say to her, “a 459”, she says no. That’s a burglary.

I ask her about alternatives about getting my report on the record. She states to me that the best options is to have the officer contact me when the office is done with the crime the officer was currently at. I provide her my number and insist that i get a call as i have things to do in my day and don’t want to be waiting around all day for a officer to respond to take a report. The call is concluded.

This a is brief record of the notes taken about the situation. My legal team is handing the case.